The Effects of Winter on Your Teeth

The Effects of Winter On Teeth- cosmetic dentistry - Quinn Dental, MN

Usually a time for oversized hoodies, hot chocolate, and snowy bliss, winter may not always be good news for your teeth. As hard wearing as they are, extreme cold or hot temperatures can be really irritating for the teeth due to their sensitive and porous nature. Because they are accustomed […] Read more »

Tips to Help Seniors Maintain Optimal Dental Health

Tips to Help Seniors Maintain Optimal Dental Health | Quinn Dental, MN

People of all ages are prone to oral conditions and dental issues. However, just like young children, senior citizens who are not able to care for themselves owing to aging require extra care when it comes to dental health maintenance. The most common dental issues faced by the old ones […] Read more »

Teaching Your Kids to Brush Their Teeth Properly

Teaching Your Kids to Brush - Child’s Dental Health - Quinn Dental MN

It is highly critical to establish proper oral care habits at an early age for long-term oral health. Following are some of the important tips to keep in mind when teaching your kids how to brush properly. Taking Enough Time: Brushing is not something that is loved by kids and […] Read more »