My Family Dentist Removed My Tartar Buildup

I am the laziest person when it comes to oral health. This was not in childhood, I was very cautious and curious to brush and floss and everything that makes my mouth feel fresh. As I entered into my young age, I started neglecting the basics which led me into trouble for a long time. That is something I cannot forget. My teeth started turning yellow and have a lot of pain to my teeth. The pain was unbearable and I started thinking of visiting my Family Dentist.

A dentist near to my home is our family dentist. My father used to visit every now and then for the consultation. I get no problem with having an appointment. It was quick and easy as he was my family dentist. I think I got the benefit of having one.

After proper examination, I came to know that it is tartar. The word sounds new to me. He called me after a week for the complete checkup and I got cure within 2 weeks as it was a very early stage of build up.

After going through this trouble, I started learning more about tartar so that I can prevent it in the future. I have collected a few of my research here so that my readers can avoid it too.

What is Tartar?

You might have heard about the teeth plague – a sticky substance that we used to remove while brushing our teeth. When the food and saliva mixed with other fluids, they lead to form a sticky substance which is yellow in color. The yellow material collects over your teeth and can cause damage to your teeth and gum areas. Over time, if the plague is not removed carefully and regularly it can lead to the formation of a much solid substance called tartar by the reaction of saliva. Plague can be removed by brushing and flossing regularly while the removal of tartar requires a dentist’s help. It was in my case though. Since tartar is much solid and strongly bonded with the teeth. It requires a professional in the field to remove. Brown color tartar is hard to remove.

My Family Dentist Removed My Tartar Buildup

Steps recommended by my Family Dentist to prevent tartar deposition:

1) Choose anti-plague toothpaste that has enough fluoride to prevent the plague. You can take a recommendation from your dentist in this regard.

2) Flossing and brushing your teeth twice a day is highly recommended. Anti-plague floss is available in the market. Choose the best that is good for your age.

3) Use a good quality toothbrush available in the market. It doesn’t matter whether you use electric or manual, it is important to change the head (if you are using electric) or change the manual brush every three months. Carefully, monitor the brush hairs and replace immediately if you see the hairs are worn out.

4) Another important tip which I am reluctant to write is to quit smoking. I used to be the chain smoker. My Family Dentist was furious and asked me to stop it immediately. Smoking speeds up the process of building plaque and tartar.

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