Some Commonly Asked Questions About Dental Implants Answered

At what age can you get dental implants?

There are no upper age confinements and not many ailments that do not allow for fruitful dental implant treatment. Implants have been given successfully to patients from 21 – 90 years old.

Do I have to go into an emergency clinic for dental implant medical procedure?

A visit to the emergency room or hospital is not required in case of dental implants. They can be performed at a dental office by an experienced dentist.

Which metal is used in dental implants?

The metal is Titanium and is extremely safe. Similar material is utilized to mend broken bones.

Will there be any pain during the dental implant procedure?

No. You’ll experience that putting an implant is simpler than taking a tooth out. You shouldn’t feel any pain amid the medical procedure however in case you’re exceptionally apprehensive dentists have anesthesia to make comfortable and cooperative during the procedure.

Will there be pain after the dental implant medical procedure?

Following the medical procedure and for a couple of days you will probably encounter some inconvenience. Be that as it may, any pain if experienced will be slight. Washing tenderly with warm salt water during the time following the procedure will help wash and calm the tissues and will offer comfort from pain.

How long does it take to recover completely and return to work?

You can return to work the very next day, however it is your personal choice if you want to take a day off to observe if everything goes fine with the implant or not.

Will implant be put the same day as my tooth is extracted?

In immediate replacement, this is possible. But, if there is a great deal of infection, it’s ideal to evacuate the tooth first and put the implant sometime later. The two procedures work equally well and your particular circumstance will choose which one is required.

Will dental implants resemble natural teeth?

Properly set dental implants look exactly like natural teeth. The skill of the surgeon and dentist enable results that are just like teeth. You may have seen people with implants that do not look good and are worried this will happen to you. With careful planning and use of bone and gum grafting, we can avoid or minimize most of these problems.

Will dental implants feel like natural teeth?

You have little sensation from a dental implant, so they feel marginal not quite the same as common teeth. Implants anyway are significantly more like teeth than dentures or dental bridges. Frequently the teeth can be kept independent and can be flossed like teeth. Implant crowns likewise rise up out of the gum-like teeth.

To what extent do implants last?

If cared for well, the implant integrated to your bone may last your whole lifetime. The teeth screwed to the implants are subject to normal wear and tear and require periodic maintenance. Dental implants are currently the most long term and predictable procedure in dentistry.