Why is it Important to Have a Family Dentist?

Importance of Family Dentist | cosmetic dentistry | Quinn Dental, MN

Do you live in Eagan, MN? If you do, have you found a family dentist? If you have yet to find a family dentist in your area and tend to go to different ones each time, it is time you settle down for going to the only dentist from here […] Read more »

Why Involve the Whole Family in Dental Care

Why Involve the Whole Family in Dental Care - Quinn Dental, MN

A comprehensive dental care plan for your whole family is a convenient way of taking care of all your family’s dental health needs. Most people appoint a family dentist to provide the primary dental care for the entire family. This way, the family members develop a more personalized relationship with […] Read more »

Can Eating Ice Cream Harm Your Teeth?

Can Eating Ice Cream Harm Your Teeth - Dentist in Eagan | Quinn Dental

As summer approaches, you receive more invitations from family and friends to just hang out. The best way to welcome guests at home is to serve them ice cream. This has been the dessert of choice during summer over the years. But can ice cream harm your teeth? Here is […] Read more »