Why the Move Could Improve Overall Dental Health

Philadelphia became the first major American city to levy a tax on sodas and other artificially sweetened and sugar-added soft drinks. The City Council of Philadelphia agreed on the imposition of a 1.5-cent tax for every ounce of sugar-sweetened beverages and soft drinks consumed. According to Philly.com, the tax is speculated to generate total revenue of $91 million each year for the city, but might even affect the dental health of its residents.

How can this move positively affect your overall dental health?

A soda tax is going to raise the cost of soft drinks enough to reduce your purchasing power to an extent, ultimately minimizing the number of drinks you consume in a day or week. This can bring multiple benefits in the form of:

Improve Overall Dental Health- Best Dentist in MN | Quinn Dental Offices

Reduced Cavities and Erosion: 

Sodas and soft drinks contain acids and high levels of sugar that damage the outermost layer of the protective enamel. This makes your teeth vulnerable and if the consumption continues, it can corrode the dentin and even composite fillings. Cutting down on sodas will help minimize the damage, and proper oral hygiene with fluoride treatment can help the enamel heal to some extent.

Curbed Tooth Decay:

Damaged enamel eventually gives way to cavities, which can then become jammed with food particles and bacteria, leading to further damage, such as tooth decay and tooth loss. When you avoid consumption of soft drinks, you are ultimately avoiding the risk of these problems fr.

Improve Overall Dental Health - Tooth Decay - Dentist in MN | Quinn Dental Offices

Reduced Risk Of Tooth Loss:

The phosphoric acid present in sodas upsets the phosphorus-calcium ratio, thus breaking up calcium, and resulting in premature tooth loss and even osteoporosis. Minimizing soda intake will help retain the calcium in your teeth and bones, giving them longevity.

If you are addicted to soda, you can try and replace this habit by sipping lemon water, green tea or vegetable smoothies throughout the day.