How not brushing can affect you? – Advice from a family dentist.

The days are long enough to keep anyone busy. Working environment, family time, fast foods, long meetings, etc are making a person to neglect oral health. Along busy day usually ends up catching the bed and sleep. The result is still the same that is skipping the brushing. And let me it is bad and not going to help you in maintaining good oral health.

Where it is going to affect the most?

Skipping brushing can cause serious damage to gums. Gum diseases are most likely to catch you up if you are not cleaning your teeth regularly. Let me tell you this, as an advice from the family dentist for many, if you are not brushing you is skipping the way to clean the build of plaque. Plaque is a thin biofilm that usually accumulates on the teeth when you are eating food. Plaque can be felt running into your tongue if you have not brushed it for long and roughness can also be felt if you just rub your tongue against teeth. This is the effect of not brushing for long.

Plaque contains bacteria that are harmful and cause damage to teeth and gums. But the removal of plaque twice a day can help the removal of bacteria so that they cannot be accumulated at one place and cause the damage. Remember, brushing twice a day is the recommendation of every family dentist.    

However, not brushing regularly can let bacteria to accumulate at one place and attack your gum area. Consider this, the more bacteria accumulate at one place the more chances are there that you plaque becomes tartar, which is harder than plaque and yellowish in color. The tartar is a harder substance and cannot be removed by ordinary brushing. It requires professional attention to clean everything.

The tartar is a serious issue, it can cause your gums to swell and bleed. It is can become serious if not treated for long. It can cause weakening of gums and later can cause tooth loss. If you see tartar builds upon the surface of your teeth. You better take help from your family dentist as early as possible.

How you can perform brushing to avoid damage?

In addition to your gum disease, not brushing regularly can also lead to tooth decay. When you don’t brush daily, the food particles of your breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner are left behind. These left-behind particles, when mixed with saliva, become the breeding ground for harmful bacteria. The bacterium feeds on food particles and excretes acid which can cause damage to the enamel and cause cavity.

Brushing regularly as per recommendation from your family dentist can cure the problem before getting quite serious. You can try brushing for at least 2 minutes of time and that too twice a day. The hairs of your toothbrush must be soft and thin and better combine with fluoride toothpaste. Placing the toothbrush at 45 degrees from your teeth is the best way of brushing as you can clean your teeth including the gum line.