How to Ensure a Great Smile for Your Wedding Day

It only makes sense to yearn for a dazzling smile on your wedding day. There are several dental treatments that are available to brighten your dull smile. Not just the bride, but the groom can benefit from these whitening methods too.

How to Ensure a Great Smile for Your Wedding Day - Dentist | Quinn Dental Offices, MN

Whitening Strips

Teeth whitening strips are one of the safest options for improving your wedding smile. The ingredients on the plastic strips stick to your teeth and penetrate the pores for giving them a deeper treatment. Generally, they contain a bleaching agent, like hydrogen peroxide. A few treatments need only 3 days whereas others may require up to 2 weeks working. The effects may vary but usually last up to 3 years with good maintenance and oral hygiene.

Whitening Tray

A whitening tray is one of the most effective over-the-counter treatments for whitening your teeth. It works by fitting a plastic tray containing whitening gel onto your teeth. The tray is left on the teeth for the mentioned time before removing it. You can also have the treatment done by a dentist who can provide custom trays for more visible results.

Custom Whitening Tray

As mentioned above, the process is similar to the whitening tray treatment, except a dentist performs the procedure with a customized tray made for your teeth. You should have this procedure done by a professional and experienced dentist because the hydrogen peroxide content of the gel is high. Your dentist will place the tray on your teeth for an hour or less before removing the tray to rinse your teeth.

Great Smile for Your Wedding Day - Dentist | Quinn Dental Offices, MN

Laser Whitening

If you really wish to stand with your smile on your wedding day, laser whitening, also known as power bleaching can be the right treatment for you. In this treatment, the dentist applies concentrated gels directly on your teeth. The solution is then activated using light or heat by a laser. The compound effectively removes all stains from your teeth. The solution is applied to your teeth for a few minutes and then removed. The process can be repeated if required to get your desired results.

So, if your big day is coming up, think about teeth whitening treatments so you can brighten your smile!