Drinks You Should Avoid for Good Dental Health

There are certain foods that are responsible for deteriorating your dental health. You will be surprised to know that some drinks are equally harmful. From staining teeth to building up plaque, here are some of the drinks you should avoid for maintaining good dental health:


The danger of consuming carbonated drinks and sodas is two-fold. Not only are they highly acidic, but the acids present in them also harm your teeth more than sugar! They strip minerals from your enamel and even diet sodas contain phosphoric and citric acid which is harmful to our teeth. Avoid regular and diet sodas as they can offer a sugary feast to the bad bacteria present in your mouth.

Energy Drinks

According to a study, energy drinks are the most acidic beverages as compared to sodas, sports drinks as well as juices. Don’t consume energy drinks in abundance as they can worsen your cavities.

Coffee and Tea

Even though coffee and tea can be healthy beverage choices in their natural form, they become less healthy when you add sugar to them. Caffeinated beverages and tea also dry out your mouth and excessive consumption can lead to discoloration or staining of your teeth. Drink plenty of water to minimize the intake of tea and coffee throughout the day.

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Alcohol is not just infamous for causing dry mouth and dehydration and dry mouth. People, who are prone to consume excessive alcohol, may find that their saliva flow is reduced over time. This eventually leads to various oral infections, gum diseases, and tooth decay. Heavy alcohol has been linked to the occurrence of mouth cancer, in severe cases.

For maintaining good oral hygiene, rinse your mouth after every meal and drink as much water as you can. Using straw for drinking highly acidic beverages also minimizes their contact with your teeth.