Dos and Don’ts at a Dentist’s Clinic

We all like to make a good impression. That’s why the family dentist and staff at Quinn Dental do our best to impress our clients with clean, efficient, friendly and comfortable offices that allow our patients to relax and receive the best dental care possible. That also means our staff prepares every day to serve you by dressing and grooming well while avoiding things like garlic fries during lunch. So how can our patients return the favor? How can you make your dental assistant smile? Here are some suggestions for preparing for your dental appointment that can be separated into two categories: personal and logistics.

The Personal

It should go without saying, and almost all of our patients care for this matter, but you should always brush your teeth with toothpaste and floss them using the tool of your choice before visiting the family dentist. While you’re taking care of your typical oral hygiene, don’t forget that the tongue also needs to be brushed and benefits from the same care you give to your teeth. Note if you experience any bleeding while caring for your teeth. That’s a sure symptom of gum disease that you want to discuss with your family dentist.

Dos and Don’ts at Dentist’s Clinic | Family Dentist | Quinn Dental, MN

The Nose

Keep in mind your typical position at the family dentist – nearly horizontal in a dental chair. So that means your assistant gets a totally different view than you normally present during the day. That leads to our next suggestion: It’s not just your teeth that look good when they’re clean. Sanitary nostrils are a definite plus! And let’s just say that most dental assistants really appreciate it when our clients trim those nose hair.

The Three-Martini Lunch

Alcohol and cigarettes used to be involved in a typical business lunch. They don’t go so well with your typical dental visit. Dental assistants always appreciate it when our patients abstain from drinking or smoking before a dental appointment.

Workouts and Dentistry Don’t Mix

You may like to jog or bike to work, but if that means copious amounts of sweat, just keep in mind that a dental chair is not the same as a workout bench. Unlike the gym, towels are something we don’t provide.

Lipstick May Be Glamorous

But lipstick does not look good on dental instruments. Remember that your lips will come in contact with gloves, instruments, x-ray devices – all kinds of things. So there’s no need to freshen it up before your appointment, but if you wear it, your lipstick will definitely need freshening afterward!


Sometimes your routine dental visit becomes something else. If we discover a cavity or other serious problem, it might be best to deal with the matter right then and there, before it gets worse. So please don’t schedule a dental treatment with less than a one-hour window between the expected end of your dental appointment and the beginning of your next task. If we don’t need that extra time, consider it a breather during your busy day.

Children and Dental Appointments

We enjoy meeting our patient’s children, but if they cannot be left alone in our waiting room, it’s best to make arrangements for childcare or bring a friend with you to help them be occupied. You certainly don’t want your dentist to be distracted while working with instruments in your mouth, and the same goes for our clients! Distractions on either side of the relationship can lead to mistakes and we all want our patients to have the best care and safest visit possible.

We want your appointments with the Quinn Dental to be regular. That’s the only way to work together to maintain healthy teeth and gums. So the most important form of preparation for your personal benefit is to make your dental appointment in the first place! No matter what your state of affairs, we are always happy to see you. For more Information Contact Quinn Dental Now!

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