Can Eating Ice Cream Harm Your Teeth?

As summer approaches, you receive more invitations from family and friends to just hang out. The best way to welcome guests at home is to serve them ice cream. This has been the dessert of choice during summer over the years. But can ice cream harm your teeth? Here is a look at some problems that it may cause:

Gum Disease and Tooth Decay

Tooth decay and gum diseases are the most common consequences of consuming sugary foods in excess. You should at least rinse your teeth with water after having ice cream. Acid is released which causes plaque, which is dangerous and leads to tooth decay. Your teeth and gums may become sensitive by the overconsumption of ice creams. Sensitive teeth are the result of unhealthy gums and cavities. This happens due to lack of proper dental care and excessive consumption of sugary goods. Worn-out tooth enamel and fractured teeth are also the possible results of having too much ice cream.

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Stains on the Teeth

Ice creams or other sugary foods may stain your teeth and affect your beautiful smile. These sugary foods feed the bacteria on your teeth, which sets stains on your teeth. Immediately after eating ice cream, you must brush and floss your teeth to wash away the residue from your teeth. Professional cleanings and regular dental checkups are also necessary.

Common Misconception

There are some misconceptions regarding ice cream and dental health, the most popular being, dairy products, including milk, have calcium and ice cream is made from milk, so it is good for your health. However, this is not true to a certain extent. Although ice creams are made from milk some of their byproducts make it harmful for teeth. Only a small amount of calcium is then left in ice creams.

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Keep in mind that you only face the risk of the aforementioned dental health issues if you eat too much ice cream. Moderate consumption is unlikely to cause excessive damage. Plus, you should talk to your dentist about your ice cream consumption and get some tips about preserving your dental health while beating the heat with ice cream. For more information contact Quinn Dental for more information.