Pediatric Dentists: Dentistry for children for an Amazing Oral Health

A Pediatric dentist provides complete oral health care that includes various following points: Oral health exam for infants that consists of risk assessment in mother as well as a child. Maintaining dental hygiene that includes cleaning and fluoride, diet suggestions and nutrition. Habit counseling such as pacifier and thumb sucking. […] Read more »

Why Dentistry for Children is Always Good?

Dentistry for Children | Keeping Your Child's Teeth Healthy - QuinnDental

Tooth or Oral-decay is common problem children are facing in America. More than half of the children population in the US is suffering from one or more than one oral health issue. This has raised the alarm and parents need to pay attention to their child oral health. Dentistry for […] Read more »

My Family Dentist Removed My Tartar Buildup

My Family Dentist Removed My Tartar Buildup

I am the laziest person when it comes to oral health. This was not in childhood, I was very cautious and curious to brush and floss and everything that makes my mouth feel fresh. As I entered into my young age, I started neglecting the basics which led me into […] Read more »

Dentistry for Children – A Boon in Adulthood!

Dental benefits for kids | Dentistry for Children- Quinn Dental, Eagan

Let us start with a study conducted by the American Dental Association of Pediatrics which says dentistry for children is important as they witness the appearance of the first tooth (nearly about the age of 1 year). The early visits to the dentist help children oral disease stay away. And […] Read more »